FOMO is an open-minded community where respect, freedom and self-expression are key. To ensure a good atmosphere on the dance floor, the following house rules apply. Please follow these rules, if not we are obligated to remove you from the venue.

At FOMO we do not condone any forms of discrimination, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or hatred of any kind!

If you experience or witness any kind of misbehavior please inform one of our team members. They can be recognised by their pink FOMO crew clothing. If not in sight please notify the bar staff or security.

At FOMO we believe the dance floor is an intimate space where everyone's privacy and comfort should be respected. It is not allowed to take pictures or film at the venue.

On the dance floor, we ask you to keep your bright screens in your pocket.

Please do not come intoxicated. You can be rejected if you’re too intoxicated (even if you have a ticket).

We stand with all those who demand a club free of hatred and harassment, if you do not follow these guidelines we are obligated to remove you from the venue. If you ever felt unsafe or want to reach out with any feedback you are welcome to E-mail us at

Having said that, we wish for an enjoyable experience at FOMO.