~ RESIDENT FROM ‘21 - ‘22

Mila grew up in a village in Brabant province. Collecting music from a young age and creating playlists for each vibe. In that habit, she proved to be better than she thought.. After years of collecting music, living in different cities and going to many parties, she now wanted to share her love for music with the world as well. Mila Black is keeping dancefloors energized and is not showing any signs of slowing down since.

“I like to create balanced uptempo sets with all the different gems I have found. Lately I’ve been hugely impressed with techno music: I love the deep hypnotic tones combined with a fast-paced stride with an upbeat upper layer that pulls you forward. I strive to further experiment with techno and keep developing my identity as an artist.”

Mila is excited to dive deeper and deeper into this continuously moving world of music to create balanced sets with pearls she has found, to take you on a journey of discovery. We can only assume you'll see and hear a lot more from her in the years to follow.

MILA BLACK joined the FOMO Family on since ‘21 <3